Winter Wonders: 33 Months Old

IMG_3061Kiki “gorl” is in full force mode of trying to figure out who she is in this big world. She’s constantly asking “what” questions about all new things. In the books we’ve been reading to her since she was little, she notices new details every day. When we stroll down the sidewalk, she wants to know what every sign says. She’s constantly asking what new words mean and then experiments with using them. We are often blown away by her vocabulary and memory. I recently told her we had an upcoming appointment at the dentist and she looked at us to say, “I will bring my octopus.” We looked at her like she had 8 heads until I realized that she got a small octopus toy at the dentist almost a year ago. Don’t ever question Kiki! The “gorl’s” memory is impeccable. Mama had a great idea to teach her new big words every day, so we are doing it and Kiki loves it. So far, she’s learned humidifier, dubious, serendipitous, exhibition, extraordinary, octagon, submarine, trivet, and detergent.

We love hearing Kiki say, “I’m so eh-sited!” It’s the cutest! I know, everything’s the cutest, well maybe not everything ;). It’s not so cute when things are flying at your head or she’s refusing to do whatever you ask, but as I tell her, we love her when she’s angry, happy, sad, and definitely when she’s “eh-sited.”

IMG_E1961December 9, 2017 was the first snow of the season. I took Kiki out front and she caught snowflakes on her mittens and tongue. On the first snowy weekend, we went to the playground in bitter weather with Mama. I rolled a giant snowball and Kiki ran around with Mama exploring the playground. As I’m writing right now, there is tons of snow outside and I’m hoping we’ll get out to go sledding with Kiki soon.

IMG_1768Kiki loved all of our holiday decorations and celebrating in all different ways. We lit the Hanukkah candles each evening and went to Mima and Papa’s house one day to celebrate the holiday. IMG_3110She enjoyed spending time with everyone. At home, Kiki learned why we light Hanukkah candles; we spread sunshine to people who need it by doing good deeds and we remember that we should always have the freedom to stand up for what we believe in and the freedom to be us. Kiki donated books to the doctor’s office where they have a collection for children in shelters and she also donated cans of food to a store. She extended kind gestures to people on the train too (which is always something we’re working on!). Kiki loved looking at all our Christmas tree decorations and having the lights on every night for the whole month. When we finally had to take it all down, Kiki said, “It will be sad.” She’s a sentimental little bugger.

Kiki had a fun adventure to New Hampshire to visit her Gigi and Geo at their house for the first time. It was her first time on Amtrak and she loved looking out the window. Although the winter weather trapped her in the house for most of the week, she truly enjoyed exploring her Gigi’s house. She hid under the stairwell to stay away from “sharks” (side note: she always tell us to watch out for sharks and chickens, strange “gorl”). She loved her quiet hiding space in the closet where she played with dolls and their blankies under the light of a small lantern. IMG_3148Kiki finally met Baby Alice, Tiny Tears, and Bun who she speaks to on FaceTime often. She carried Baby Alice around the house like she was her most prized possession. She discovered the wonderful world of real legos, a giant bag of them. Mama put her creative constructive skills to good use and showed Kiki how it’s done. Her favorite thing to do with legos was remove all of their heads and make one giant stack of heads. Kiki enjoyed making sugar cookies and doing the dishes with Gigi. She loved counting “pops” on bubble wrap with Geo and checking on his computing at his “puters.” She loved climbing up and down the stairs and wearing her cozy little slippers around the house. IMG_3140We ventured out on a few occasions. We went out back to stomp on ice and look at the icy river. Though she wasn’t too thrilled about the exertion it required, we were happy to get some fresh air, and a few cute snowy pictures. We also took Kiki to Pepperell, where Mama grew up. Though she was in her car seat the whole time, the trip clearly stuck in her memory because a week after we came home, she got her suitcase packed with silver bracelets and told me, “I’m going to live where Mama lived, I’m going to live in Pepperell.” Funny “gorl!” IMG_3057Kiki also packs quite often for trips to Antartica. A while back, Kiki discovered Antartica on her placemat of the continents and ever since, she always tell us she’ll be back soon because she’s going to Antartica. Here’s a picture of what she sometimes packs; all the essentials are there…a baby bottle, a mysterious head without a body, a container of shells, and calico critters.

IMG_3189Jenny and Kiki have been inseparable lately. She says she is her mama and even pretends to breast feed her in the “milka” chair that I used to feed her in, heartwarming cuteness and fond memories. Mama has been busy crocheting hats for Jenny and is working on a sleep sack for her too.

img_3058.jpgIn other news, Kiki graduated to a separation class for swim lessons, which means no more Mimi in the pool. It was quite emotional for me, but I am a super proud mama and she is a great little swimmer! She’s doing great. A random funny from swim class – for probably the last year, Kiki always brings me the book pictured on the right and finds it hilarious.

IMG_3174I told Kiki to make a wish for the New Year with our little monster friend (when you cut a triangle off his head, you make a wish!). She thought about the question long and hard, then replied, “folding.” She wishes to do a lot of folding in 2018, so watch out people! She’s a folding machine!

Looking forward to lots of winter time snuggles! IMG_E1629


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